Do I Need to Install Anti-Virus on my Mac, iPhone or iPad?

Do I need to Install Anti-Vius on my Mac, iPhone or iPad?

The simple answer is no – at least for the time being.

Viruses are designed to steal data, take over your computer and spread themselves to other devices. To do this viruses have to be able to run on your computer, get data and control software. Mac OS for iMacs and MacBooks, and iOS for iPhones and iPads don’t let viruses do this. Mac apps use what is called ‘sandboxing’ – they run in their own space with limited ability to communicate with each other and the computer’s operating system.

Then there’s the way you install Mac apps – you have to go to the App Store where Apple reviews all new software before letting you download it.

That’s the downside of what’s called ‘jailbreaking’. Some people jailbreak their iPhones and iPads to allow them to take full control of their devices and install apps not authorised by Apple. But by doing this of course you are opening your device to attack.

In fact, probably the most vulnerable Mac products are iPhones and iPads – simply because we take these incredibly desirable and expensive products out and about with us making them easy prey for thieves.

To minimise the risk of theft try out these useful tips and tricks by Sam Costello on Lifewire ‘Do these 7 Things to Make Your iPhone More Secure’

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