Using the internet to research hobbies

Using the internet to research hobbies

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One of the first questions Digital Champions ask reluctant IT users is “what interests you?”. We can then use that information to show them the sheer amount of information there is online, to encourage them to access more of it. As examples we asked some of the current Digital Champions what research they do in relation to their hobbies, here are the answers:

How do DC’s use the net to research your hobbies?

I love pyrography – the art of wood burning – and use the internet for ideas and sourcing wood.

I volunteer as a mental health volunteer. You can use the net to get brilliant information about mental illness, but you have to be careful that it’s correct.

My hobby is cycling so I use YouTube to find out how to fix my bike.

I like sci-fi so I use Facebook and internet forums and YouTube to keep up to date and talk to people with similar interests.

Tim Ma:
I’m learning how to play the piano and use tutorials on YouTube to improve my technique.

Tim Mo:
I’m really interested in the First World War. I use YouTube to watch a documentary which takes you through each week of the war.

Steve H:
I’m really interested in science and use to read up summaries of the latest innovations.

I just use the net to find out just about anything about anything. I also do YouTube and Twitch streaming moderating.

I use the internet to check out and download the latest games

I use the internet to find out which games of rugby are on TV every weekend.

Steve K:
My hobbies are photography and long-distance coastal walking. I use the internet to find out how to take better photos and display them online. I plan my walking routes, figure out how to get to the start of my walks and back again and where to stay if I’m making a weekend of it. I also moderate on a cycling forum and design websites, including this one.

Like most people don’t seem to have much time for hobbies!!!! however, I do use YouTube when I.T. is making me scratch my head e.g., publisher, APPLE ID!! excel or access (how SAD am I) It has been invaluable this year sourcing best price and buying all the materials for our Cottage Renovation. However I do most of my shopping groceries,  birthday and Christmas presents online, I do love reading the product reviews especially books but then they differ so much you end up no more enlightened.

Anything I ever research I do by asking Google.

I sing in Rock Choir so use the internet to learn lyrics and download music. I also do yoga and running to use it for looking at workouts on YouTube.


I’ve had a think and I’ve concluded that I mainly use the Internet in my own time to waste time…
“You’re mahhh ah aha aha favourite waste of time” sang Owen Paul. That was before the internet, of course. These days we can all easily while away the hours online all day – and all night. The inexhaustible store of divertissement, rabbit-holes and babble out there is the perfect anecdote to the soulless accounting for time demanded elsewhere.
Cats are the lead species provider for utterly pointless but wholesome and cute fare online. The pioneering piano playing moggies are still there but the hardcore stuff is the live streams of kittens doing very little at all.
Conspiracy theories have found their natural home deep within the world wide web although I haven’t found a template pattern for a tinfoil hat yet. Wikipedia has a superb list of conspiracies. The truth may not be out there but beautiful, intricate delusions  woven by sheer nuttiness are.
Useless time-wasting websites (or even stupid looping gifs alone) are tempting metaphors for life itself but the sheer nullity is a joy itself. For me, all I need is the “Why not?” of the page that is Endless Horse (…..

Kim M:
I watch a LOT of YouTube, big into YouTubers like Shane Dawson and his docuseries’. I also use it as a market tool for my music (ref: shameless promotion haha

Andy E:
I use the Internet a good 50-60 hours a week researching my hobbies on electronics, mechatronics, CNC 3D printing and programming. I recently started to learn to use 3D design software called AutoCAD Fusion 360 and without all the free videos on YouTube and information on forums, I wouldn’t be able to learn this.
I listen to a wide selection of Internet Podcasts on general IT, tech and science, I find myself using Google search a lot to get a better grasp of some of the topics I don’t fully understand or want to know more about.
It’s like I have the wisdom and knowledge of the whole world at my disposal.

A massive thank you to all of the Digital Champions for taking the time to let us know how they spend their time online researching the things that interest them and, of course, for all of the hours they spend volunteering to help people learn how to use the internet.

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