Note Takers

A good app is a thing of useful beauty, all too rare in a glut of clumsy, over promising, badly designed, bloated, ad-ridden junk. Cherish it as all too soon the designers will spoil it with unheralded “improvements ”.

Note-takers are a case in point. There are lot of them out there. The best keep it simple but still offer useful integration with the rest of your digital life. Others still to doing on thing well – Shopping list makers that can scan grocery bar codes are superb specialists. My current go to Note-taker is Bear Notes. It’s not supremely better than Notion, Evernote or just using Goggle Docs but it’s quietly efficient and fuss free. It’s killer USP is the ability to organise your notes using hash tags. It’s so obvious you wonder no one’s done it before.

Pros. The free edition has all you need.

Cons. Only available on iOS and Mac

Get Bear for iPhone, iPad or Mac here

Bear Notes

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