Technology Enabled Care Services

Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) is the accepted description for a range of health and care technologies, including technologies that allow people to summon help at home when they need it, monitor their health or stay safe in their properties. As technology advances these products improve, giving far more options than there were only a few years ago.

It used to be that the only technology available was a pull cord system in purpose-designed buildings, meaning people could call for help by pulling on a ceiling-mounted cord in each room. This evolved into a wearable button that could be worn all day and night that does the same thing, meaning users don’t need to be near a pull cord to call for help. It is now possible to get devices that will automatically detect if the wearer has fallen and then call for help. It is even possible to have tracker systems that have an emergency button, these can be used to call for help from anywhere with a mobile phone signal and can pinpoint the user’s location. These can be invaluable in allowing people with dementia to stay at home and to be safe.

However, these are not the only things Technology Enabled Care can offer, there are devices to monitor epilepsy, medication reminders, fire and home safety as well as automated aids for people with disabilities, such as door openers and video doorbells.

There is a company in Worcestershire offering these services called amica24 and they are doing a series of visits to libraries around the area so people can learn more about the services they offer.

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