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The internet is fast becoming the standard way of accessing information and services as well as buying goods and utilities. However, there are people who do not have the skills, confidence or access to get online. These people are at risk of getting left behind in the new digital age.

The internet has the ability to make a real difference to people’s lives, from reducing their household bills to finding jobs and keeping in touch with friends and relatives who don’t live nearby. Access to the internet can also provide broader benefits, by helping to address wider social and economic issues like reducing isolation and improving health.

Internet access, computer equipment and mobile devices are getting cheaper, however, to ensure the internet is truly for everyone, we need to provide more than just access. We need to equip people with the motivation, skills and confidence to go online and make the most of the opportunities available online.

Digital exclusion is being tackled by a number of organisations, from Housing Associations, Libraries and charities. Whilst this site provides information from these organisations it was not created by any of them, it is entirely designed, operated and run by volunteers, so any errors in the listings are theirs and not the fault of any organisations shown.

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